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The bracelet is a jewel that unmatched the fashionable look, expresses taste preferences and can emphasize the high status of its owner. From ancient times, he also played the role of an amulet, which protected from evil intentions and people, was considered the guardian of health. Some bracelets have also been used as mascots, bringing happiness and luck in all things. 

Beautiful and stylish model bracelets

Elegant silver and gorgeous gold bracelets are always in fashion, but you can safely choose other unique jewelry on your hand, including

• Pandora style. These are through-hole pendants and snake bracelets that can be customized to create a unique jewelry.

• Boho style. Fashion bracelets are made of textiles or leather, richly decorated with tassels and fringe. Always look bright and spectacular.

• Straps. Jewelry is created in the form of straps from watches. From the outside, they look like a wide flat chain.  

• Natural stone. Natural stone bracelets are always very beautiful, can be used for medicinal purposes and play the role of mascots. Accessories have a positive effect on health, mood.

•  Sophisticated . The decoration for the hands can be in the form of metallic Snake, fine bead thread, textile harness, leather weave. Such bracelets can complement the watch or make interesting sets.

• With enamel. Enamel coating adds bright and neon colors to the decoration. Above it is possible to draw drawings and patterns in any style.

Original fashion bracelets of beads, beads, glass beads will help to complement the image. In summer you can stay with rich turquoise and coral shades. Always look elegant oriental-style jewelry designed to be worn on the shoulders.

Materials for fashion bracelet

Jewelry and costume jewelry are now presented in a fascinating variety of options. An excellent choice may be:

• Leather bracelets. . Always popular products in red, black and brown. The models with gold trim and studs look very impressive.

• Silver bracelets . Beautiful and elegant silver jewelry never goes out of style. If you want to get a great variety in color, we recommend to pay attention to enamel products.

• Thread bracelets. Such an original accessory as the “red thread” is becoming increasingly popular. It is also a strong guard against anger and negative power.

• Copper bracelets . Massive jewelry and thin bracelets of copper look equally attractive. In addition to the decorative role, they have a positive effect on well-being.

• Gold and platinum bracelets. Always look gorgeous and emphasize the high status of their owner. They can additionally be decorated with gems.

Never leave a fashionable Olympus women’s bracelets of natural and artificial pearls that harmoniously complement the business and festive image. An interesting summer option can be delicate lace bracelets, perfectly combined with a light dress or sundress.

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