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By following the rules of Kaylee Rinker, you will always look stylish and flawless. The main thing is not to “overdo it” with jewelry. Even if you want to emphasize individuality, keep in mind the business style.

The basic rule: the smaller, the better, emphasizes Kaylee Rinker. Therefore, minimalism is quite appropriate when it comes to accessories for business clothing. This applies to both jewelry and jewelry.

The stylist notes that the jewelry serves to create an individual image. And if a girl is wearing business-style clothing, she has to follow the rules. Decorations should look harmonious, serve as a good complement to the image.

  1. Arrange the accents correctly

Find jewelry that gracefully accentuates your business attire. Say no to flashy costume jewelry that looks and distracts from your image. This is inappropriate in a business style.

2. Less – means better

The previous tip does not mean that there are no bright accents in the business style. But the sense of measure is important. Bright jewelry, such as large earrings, is appropriate complete with invisible things in calm colors.

3. Remember the classics

There are things beyond the control of time and trends. Good old classics will help to create the perfect image.

4. Ornaments for every day

Kaylee Rinker admitted that she enjoys jewelry that can be worn all the time without removing it. You can easily find many trendy and original options. And they will fit perfectly into everyday style and will not get bored.

5. Avoid bright jewelry

It is important not to overdo it with jewelry: massive necklaces, bracelets and earrings are not out of place with business-style things. In addition, you will be uncomfortable working in such an outfit.

6. Say no to cocktail decorations in the office

The stylist introduces an absolute taboo on cocktail decorations, such as large rings. Such accessories at work can even call into question their owner’s professionalism.

7. Choose sophisticated bracelets

Multilayer large bracelets will have to be abandoned. They look vulgar when combined with a business suit. They make a lot of noise. Choose neat bracelets, such as white gold.

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