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And here comes a thrilling and solemn moment – to make an offer. A cocktail of feelings and emotions overwhelms and tries to break out. And you have so much to prepare and anticipate. Where, when, how, what words to pick … Yes, and the ring still needs to be picked up! Do not rush to worry, everything at you will turn out at the highest level. And with the choice of engagement rings will help the experts of the brand “Sava cool”.

How to Choose a Engagement Ring

We believe that the perfect ring for the offer has:

1. To be easy, beautiful and at the same time elegant and at first glance, fall in love with a girl.

2. Harmonize with the image of the fiancee.

3. Approach size.

4. And, oddly enough, in the general context of a romantic situation, be practical and accessible.

Which engagement ring will be the epitome of your love

To fulfill the first point of the recommendation, make a real promise – give your beloved star. Yes, a true star with a dazzling glow that will remain forever on her finger will burn and resemble the fire of your love. These are the people who make diamonds!

This is just the perfect stone for this case. It does not require additional presentation. We have not yet met a girl who would be cold about diamonds. So, half the battle is done! At least, she falls in love with a diamond.

By the way, about lightness and beauty. Selection of CAVA.COOL experts – diamonds in silver. We hope you already forgot about the outdated stereotype that silver is very cheap for such stones. Beauty and refinement of jewelry are no longer measured by the price tag.

In the first place aesthetics. And here it is simple: look carefully at the silver diamond ring, see how the glow of the stone reflects off the soft and smooth surface, causing it to glow with an incredible moonlight. Isn’t a piece of the moon the perfect frame for a falling star?

Silver with diamond is a trend. It’s a sophisticated combination of minimalism and luxury. And it is rated at the highest level. In silver rings and other diamond jewelry, you can see Kate Middleton, Megan Markle, Mariah Carey, Kate Winslet and Penelope Jones. And to explain this trend is simple – silver became a symbol of lightness and refinement, abandonment of clichés. Well, diamonds are out of time and fashion.

How not to go wrong with style

In order for the engagement ring to perfectly match the image of the bride, you will have to play the role of Sherlock Holmes himself. Look carefully (and if possible, dig in) what jewelry the girl wears. Note the important features of engagement rings:

  • modern design or classic;
  • clear geometry or smooth features;
  • expressive features or subtle and delicate;
  • intricate patterns or laconic design.

Make yourself an insider: a mother, girlfriend, brother or sister of a fiancee can greatly help the 21st century’s main commodity – information.

It is easier for those who do not prepare a secret surprise. You can ask them to select a ring in advance. Think it might be your option.

How to choose the size

There are several options to find out the size of a girl’s rings:

  1. If you can get an “agent”, find out from him.
  2. Put the ring of her beloved on your finger and mark the spot where she sits tightly.
  3. Mark the circumference of the ring with a pen on a piece of paper.
  4. And, of course, the classic of the genre – to get the size of a sleeping girl by twisting a finger.
  5. To offer to give the girl a ring for the holiday and, or to be mistaken, and probably to find out the exact size, or to offer to choose an accessory together.

Some men managed to have a conversation with the girl before she simply gave out the necessary information. But there is a risk that she will understand everything.

And if the correct size failed to find out, we recommend:

  • Buy ring 16-17 size.
  • It is better to be mistaken for half the size in the larger direction – it can be easily adjusted.

The card of each ring on our site offers a convenient table for determining the size .

Is value and other subtleties important

For the last few decades, not only the main content, but also the index of the potential bridegroom’s abundance has been invested in the engagement ring. Simply put, two wages had to be invested in the ring. But do not rush to get a credit card. Buying too expensive jewelry is now considered bad and bourgeois. Cost of jewelry is not a criterion for their true value. The aesthetics and personal emotions that you put into the gift mean so much more.

Material quality and performance are also important criteria. It defines practicality. After all, engagement rings are worn for a very long time. And here it is simple:

The diamond is not damaged and does not require care. A stone certificate is attached to each ring. It describes in detail all the qualities and characteristics of a diamond.

It is easy to care for silver, as it is easy to return the original shine to it.

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