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It’s hard to find a person today who wouldn’t hear about the Faberge brand. First and foremost, the French name instantly evokes associations with the well-known unique coloring books that have become one of the most recognizable jewelry products in the world.

However, the Faberge range has many accessories and jewelry that can also be fully attributed to jewelry.

Milestones of Faberge History

The history of Faberge jewelry goes back to a century and a half ago, in the past of the Russian Empire. He received his high rank of master Gustav Faberge after training with the renowned St. Petersburg jeweler Andreas Spiegel. The store opened by Gustav was popular.

However, the real popularity came to Faberge, when the son of Gustav – Karl, got into the helm. Thanks to him, in 1885, the company became an official jewelry maker for the imperial family.

In the famous Faberge egg series, from the late 80s of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, five dozen original designs were created. The collection became synonymous with luxury and wealth, the grandeur of the imperial house.

The Fall and Rebirth of the Faberge House

During the World, the company reoriented production to more relevant products at that time. Faberge has been through a difficult period of reformation since the 1920s.

At one time, under the brand, which was associated with courtly luxury, manufactured consumer goods, up to household chemicals. This was due to the repeated transfer of the rights to use the name of the famous Fabergé family.

Since 2007, the period of revival of the former jewelry greatness of the brand has begun. the name of the family was returned to the rightful owners, and under the old brand, the production of jewelry and accessories at a premium level began again.

Faberge House Collections

Today, a number of popular collections are presented in the range of jewelry companies. Each of them is different in its subtlety and mood, but all of them undoubtedly convey the true nature and spirit of the brand.

Faberge Emotion.

Emotionally and vividly – it is with these two words that you can fully characterize the style of the collection. Elegant in their peculiar colorful rings, open bracelets, elegant earrings and colorful pendants are arrays of precious stones of different shades.

Some of the decorations are made in the form of the characteristic Easter egg brand, which is a real distinctive sign and symbol of the Faberge house.

Faberge Imperial.

The name of the collection speaks for itself. When it was created, jewelry masters were inspired by the Romanov era. Luxurious pendants and earrings adorned with precious stones bracelets and rings, made of different types of gold.

Most of the pendants and models of earrings are made in the form of an Easter egg, decorated with gems (iridescent opals, natural diamonds, bloody rubies, bright sapphires), sophisticated engraving. Each element of the “imperial” collection has its own name, has a unique design and character.

Faberge Rococo.

The collection traces recognizable features of the popular rococo style – curls, curved lines, soft curves. Elegant line of jewelry – sophisticated earrings, openwork bracelets, unusual design of rings and pendants – combines daring design ideas and the luxury of performance.

Thin and wide rings, rose gold bracelets with fancy lace, decorated with colorful enamel and precious stones, chic diamonds, instantly catch your attention. Openwork pendants with delicate curls will not only decorate the delicate female neck, but also give a sense of their own uniqueness and uniqueness.

Frederic Zawi.

Unique jewelry collection created by the consummate Parisian jeweler Frederic Zawi. Each item in the collection is handmade. The master worked with precious and semiprecious stones, finding bizarre combinations of shapes and colors.

All the products collected in his collection have an exotic design. Crafted earrings, rings with natural motifs, full of individual pendants, brooches, belt buckles and other accessories are filled with original spirit. Each of the products has a certain idea and style. Each element is perfected.

Faberge Heritage.

The collection successfully combines modern trends with classical motifs and methods of performance. Jewelers’ inspiration was found in the first fabric of the Faberge home.

Hot enamel technique, hand engraving, expertly selected gemstones, guillotine – all together create an atmosphere of elegance and luxury. Openwork patterns in combination with the classic Easter egg shape are embodied in pendants, bracelets, earrings, cufflinks.

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