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The brooch is probably the most elegant female accessory. It is not for nothing that so often these cute trinkets can be seen on the costumes of monarchs and socialites. What can I say, if Elizabeth II almost never goes out without a brooch. Everyone will envy her jewelry collection! But if the style of famous ladies is the work of their stylists, then we, mere mortals, have to independently select the necessary details for their images, which would ensure an impeccable look.

How to choose a brooch for an outfit? We’ll talk about this today.

Initially, you need to decide. which image you like the most: animals, flowers, geometry, brand logos, etc. The assortment is very large, you can verify this by looking at the offers from the BestGold online store. Having found the most attractive options for yourself, you can already “try on” them for outfits.


Wanting to focus on your appearance, you need to choose a brooch to match the color of the eyes or the tone of the hair.

Contrast brooches are usually worn on clothes, which also allows emphasizing the shades of the outfit, while also paying attention to the jewelry element.

On monophonic things, colorful brooches (flowers, insects) should be worn, and on bright things, on the contrary, monochromatic.

Brooch shape

A round brooch blends perfectly with flowing lines of clothing. For example, a round collar, ruffles, shuttlecocks. Pointed models, respectively, will look good with asymmetric and rectangular wardrobe details.

Discreet twig brooches and pearl jewelry are good on outerwear, but flowers are best worn on blouses and dresses. By the way, deciding to wear a jewelry with a large stone, take care of a cocktail dress, because it is with him that they will make the perfect pair. If your style (for example, casual) does not provide elegant notes, then choose designer brooches with creative images. The laconic model with discreet inserts in the form of frosted stone or enamel is perfect for an office dresscode.

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