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Black beads are a kind of classic in the world of jewelry. Confident women who have impeccable taste and always know how to achieve their goals choose this jewelry. From ancient times, black was considered magical. People believed that jewelry with dark, and especially black, stones was chosen by sorceresses and healers. Perhaps the echoes of ancient beliefs were also adopted by our contemporaries, although, as you know, maybe there is some kind of persona energetic in black stones.


Black beads are created from pearls, enamel, agate, aventurine, Labrador. Less often you can find jewelry made of black coral, black jade and black diamonds. Their rarity is due to the high cost of constituent materials.


Jewelers make jewelry elements of the same size, as well as very different. On one product rhombs, ovals, balls and cubes can be flaunted. Very unusual combinations are sometimes offered by jewelers, while such decoration does not lose rigor, but only acquires an additional creative highlight. Masters also play on the contrast of textures, that is, they skillfully combine matte and gloss in one decoration.

The length of the model is short, literally entwining the neck, and as long as possible, which, if desired, can be worn in one thread or folded into several rings.

Dual models, in which black beads are connected with red, gray, blue, white, green elements, also look interesting. It’s easier to choose a “company” for such an ornament, in the form of earrings or a bracelet.

The models described above are presented in the BestGold online store. Every woman can find jewelry for us.

What to wear with black beads?

Black beads look great not only with evening dresses. In the office dress code with a light blouse or golf under the throat, they perfectly fulfill the role of the original discreet strict accessory.

And if you still talk about dresses, then with white adornment white, beige and red plain models will harmoniously look. A cocktail outfit or a strict office style – it doesn’t matter, the combination is definitely successful and winning.

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